Remove 1000 sq ft of Log Face Stain... with TWO Men per Day!
No Methylene Chloride, No Caustics, No Acids, No NMP

Natures Armor Log Home Stripper from American Log & Lumber

It Doesn't Have To Look "UGLY"
The purpose of building a log home is the beauty of the natural wood. Coatings can turn black after just two years, leaving homeowners bewildered and unhappy.

Now you can easily remove that finish with Natures Armor Log Home Stripper!

Our Log Home Stripper in paste form tackles the toughest jobs including:
  • Stains
  • Varnishes
  • Multiple layers of paint (lead, latex, enamel)
  • Two component polyurethane
  • Lacquers
  • Shellac
  • Polyurethane
  • Two component epoxy
When applied correctly (see instructions below), our log home stripper will take off all the layers in a single application in most cases.
It is fast, easy to use and effective.

Our Log Home Stripper is available in a
5 gallon bucket for $224.75 retail.
To order and/or check wholesale and dealer costs, please contact us at
(479) 243-3275
or use our Contact Form to request information.

Restoration Simplified!
In approximately two days, a log home can be stripped to an absolutely clean surface and ready for a new finish.

Environmentally Safe!!
There is NO methylene chloride, caustics or acids which makes Natures Armor Log Home Stripper friendly to the user.

Doing Your Project:
  1. Mask as necessary.
  2. Apply Natures Armor Log Home Stripper Phase 1 Paste at 70 square feet per gallon with a 1/2 gallon per minute airless paint sprayer using a .517 spray tip.
  3. Clean your airless sprayer and tools with Phase 2 Liquid.
  4. Let the Phase 1 Paste "dwell" for approximately 2 hours. The number of coats and different manufacturers stain dictate the "dwell" time.
  5. Remove the Phase 1 Paste by pressure washing with a 3,000 psi and three gallons per minute cold water unit. Use long sweeping strokes and over lap each stroke by 50%.

The two things most people do wrong is not apply the Phase 1 Paste thick enough and they do not let it "dwell" long enough.


American Log and Lumber's tripper products should be used with care (a little common sense goes a long way).   Wear protective gloves for your hands, safety glasses and/or goggles for your eyes, and store out of reach of children.  It is flammable, so do not use it near open flames or sparks.   Select a well ventilated work area.  When working outside, be protected from excessive wind and direct sun.  When working inside, shut off any flame or spark producing things.  For the fastest results, both the item being stripped and the product should be at room temperature, however our stripper will work even at 32 degrees F.  It will just take a little longer.