Welcome to American Log & Lumber... where customer service and quality products are a priority! Our custom log, timber and Hybrid style homes are the best on the market. We treat each home as if it were our very own. Large or small, your Real Log Home will have enduring beauty and distinction. Our design team will help you create the home of your dreams that reflects your individuality.

Energy Efficiency... in the planning stages of your new home will decide your future energy bills for years to come. The choices you make now can save you thousands of dollars in future energy costs. American Log & Lumber insures 
maximum energy efficiency in your design.

We Understand... that your most important step is to find a company that you can trust. We know that building a home can be very demanding and often overwhelming task. Real Log Homes brand was established in 1963 by Jesse Ware, making the Real Log brand the oldest most trusted pre-cut log home brand in America. With over 30,000 residential and commercial projects under our belt, we are by far the most knowledgeable and experienced log home company. Real Log Homes is ready, willing and able to help you through every step of that process, from design to completion. While you are considering what you would like to spend, and all the ways your home will be unique, our job will be to insure the results will meet your expectations.

Our Commercial Side... is not new at handling the big projects. From large retail stores to lodges and even some homes that actually look like lodges, we've done it.

When it comes to experience... we have plenty!

Site Analysis & Design... is a very important consideration in your selection of property and its influence on the design of your home. In other words, the site may determine the design, or the design may determine the site. Our site analysis and design team can help you determine the positioning, aesthetic form, and function that best fits the property you have chosen.

Architecture Services... We offer Architectural design services that will allow you to have personal input in your home design. Our services include structural engineering  and stamped plans when required. These services can be included in your log or timber package.
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John Harper - Regional Manager - RealLogHomes.com

Standard Package
While every log home is customized for each client, the standard package materials are consistent. Options can be added, and components can be tailored to match the needs and desires of a customer. Click here for our list of standard log home package materials.

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  Materials Available in:
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Eastern White Pine
  • Douglas Fir
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You Can Enhance Your Home's Rustic Feel
With Our Selection of Reclaimed Materials

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